• The general lines set out in the introduction - original sources, first hand accounts by players - are naturally developed in each of the Sections, starting from this one, the "Foundation of the Internet Society".
  • The announcement of the constitution of the ISOC, made by Vinton Gray "Vint" Cerf, Robert Kahn and Lyman Chapin, clearly sets out the intention to recruit members from academic organizations, research groups, industry and institutions - as well as individual members, and to particularly focus on the uses and applications of the system.
  • The subsequent extraction and collation of network documents illustrates the clear mission of the ISOC, to support and co-ordinate those responsible for system architecture and protocols:
    • Internet Architecture Board IAB
    • Internet Engineering Steering Group IESG
    • Internet Engineering Task Force IETF.
  • There were two highly important informational RFCs [the technical rules of an Internet in permanent construction], absolutely accessible to non technical readers thanks to the work of the pioneer who is without doubt the most concerned with documenting the birth of the Internet: Vint Cerf.
  • "I Remember IANA" [October 1998] describes the prehistory and history of the Request for Comments (RFC), and that crossroads in Internet navigation, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority.
  • And this brings us to the first Editor of the RFC ... and first "Lighthouse keeper" of IANA ... and first individual member of ISOC: Jon Postel. The fewest words often explain the best: Vint wrote "I Remember IANA" on hearing the news than Jon had died, aged 55.
  • A moving profile of Jon was published by his friend, collaborator, and first European technician to draft a RFC: Claudio Allocchio.
  • In "The Internet is for everyone" [April 2002] Cerf outlined in dialectic style the ideological basis of the Internet, and of the Internet Society: "This document expresses the Internet Society's ideology that the Internet really is for everyone".
  • Three years later [December 2005] the author gave us some interesting reflections on the text, which we reprint here.
  • The attachment lists a chronology of membership responsibilities: including the leading role played by Stefano Trumpy on the Advisory Council.
  • Good read!
Happy Birthday ISOC