• The IETF day 2001, to promote Italian participation in the organisms for Internet standards, was the first of a series of events organized by the Italian chapter.
  • The round tables held in 2002 at the CNR in Rome discussed the technological evolution of the net and worldwide management of the net, introducing the topics of Governance Internet.
  • The round table in 2003, again at CNR in Rome, returned to Internet Governance but this time in relation to national problems and the relationship between regulatory structures and the Internet community.
  • In 2004 an important event was held at the offices of the Italian Data Protection Authority, dealing in particular with the topics of spam and privacy.
  • In 2005 ISOC Italia participated at the annual GARR convention at CNR in Pisa. That year ISOC Italia was also invited to participate at the "Consultation Meetings with Civil Society on the topic of the Information Society", hosted by the Minister for innovation and Public Administration Lucio Stanca.
  • This gives some idea of the standing the association had already earned.
  • In 2006 ISOC Italia celebrated an 'insiders' meeting with the "fathers" of the Internet, Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn, on the occasion of the ceremony conferring degrees honoris causa by the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Pisa, an event which ISOC Italia collaborated in organizing.
  • In 2007 an event entitled "The Internet society: vices and virtues" was organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Milan, with the clear intention of differentiating between the two.
  • In September ISOC Italia made an important contribution at the international Dialog Forum on Internet Rights, held at Campidoglio, Rome, in collaboration with the Innovation Department of Minister Luigi Nicolais.
  • The topics discussed were Internet rights and on the same subject I remember that at the first meeting of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Athens 2006, the Dynamic Coalition "Internet Bill of Rights" was founded with participation by 7 entities, including the Italian and Brazilian governments and ISOC Italia.
  • In 2008 ISOC Italia promoted the constitution of IGF Italia, first organizing with the CNR an awareness-raising meeting of the main players in the national Internet community, including participation by the Minister Renato Brunetta.
  • ISOC Italia later contributed to organizing IGF Italia 2008, in close collaboration with the Sardinian Regional Authority.
  • ISOC Italia was the first chapter of ISOC to initiate a national IGF, as recommended by the European Parliament in January of that year. The participation in organization of an IGF in Italy was repeated in 2009 (Pisa), 2010 (Rome) and 2011 (Trento).
  • The brief description given demonstrates the importance of the events that introduced our association and organizations to key players in the national culture.
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